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Arcadia is a central part of Peloponnese and undeniably one of the most authentic parts of Greece. From the mountain cities to the beachside towns you may explore a great, unexplored, travel destination! Arcadia is ideal to visit Greece in both winter and summer time!

A mostly mountainous prefecture, Arcadia is ideal for the seekers of adventure and exploration. Huge mountains, such as Mainalon, Parnonas and Artemision, wetlands with rich flora and fauna such as Lake Taka and Moustou, beautiful rivers like Alfios, Ladonas and Erymanthos make the trip to Arcadia a unique experience. The gorge of Lousios is also a place that one shouldn’t miss.

Arcadia is one of the most historic parts of Peloponnese, due to its importance during the revolution of Greeks against the Ottoman Turks, in the beginning of the 19th century. Travel to Arcadia and explore several archaeological sites as well. The Wall of Tegea, the Temple of Athena Alea, the Lykaion, Lykosoura and Methydrion are some of the most important ones.

In Arcadia one may visit a lot of Monasteries as well. The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos is located in Stemnitsa, the Monastery of Eloni is in Leonidio and the Monastery of Kernitsa is near Vytina. Besides them, there are about 12 more important Monasteries in the area.