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Central Peloponnese – 2 days tour

Arcadia The central Peloponnese consists of one big region, the Prefecture of Arcadia. This special region is so big that can combine equally great mountains and the marvelous Aegean sea. It stands right in the middle of Peloponnese and it is very famous to Greeks all year round and especially in winter time due to the snow […]

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North-Western Peloponnese – 2 days tour

Patra and the Achaia In the North-Western part of Peloponnese, the visitor has the opportunity to combine the advantages of being in a city whereas at the same time to know an incredibly beautiful location full of green forests and picturesque villages in low hills and higher mountains. The capital city of Achaia region is Patra. To […]

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Western Peloponnese – 2 days tour

The place where Olympics were born A different aspect of Peloponnese is presented in the Western part of Peloponnese, this full of miracles peninsula that is divided into magnificent smaller regions and each and every one offers to the guests a completely unique experience. In the Ilia region, you will visit the legendary Ancient Olympia, where […]

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