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PeloponnesePeloponnese is one of the most authentic and beautiful areas of Greece. It is a great destination for your vacation and an excellent way to explore alternative Greece, avoiding the massive travel destinations of the country and the Aegean Sea.

In Peloponnese, you will experience Authentic Greece and the original Greek Hospitality. The peninsula is located in the south-western part of Greece in a small distance from Athens, providing easy access to almost every part of the world.

The name of Peloponnese (called Peloponissos in Greek) derives from the Greek words Pelopas and Nissos, which is translated as the “island of Pelops”. Pelops, according to the Greek mythology, was the king of Pisa in western Peloponnese.

Birthplace of the Olympic Games and great Ancient Civilisations, a scenery of magnificent myths and Greek tragedies, Peloponnese is the best travel destination in Greece in terms of combining history, mythology, environment, landscapes, culture and authentic Greek hospitality. Travel to Peloponnese and enjoy the unique ambiance of a mythical travel destination!

Visit Peloponnese

You may easily visit Peloponnese by any means of transport. The peninsula can be reached by airplane from the airport of Kalamata, as well as the airport of nearby Athens. Both airports are international and offer high quality of travel services. Each city and village is connected to Athens or to the main cities of the peninsula by bus or by train, while several local ports offer easy access to various destinations in Greece or abroad. The port of Patras connects Greece with the ports of eastern Italy and northern Greece. You may visit Peloponnese throughout the year. It is a great destination for both winter vacation in the mountainous parts of the peninsula as well as for summer vacation in the sea-side resorts. Each area, each small village and each bigger city will unveil you a magic travel destination, authentic and alternative that you just have to explore and experience its mythical features.

The peninsula is really popular among Greeks, especially Athenians, but not that well known outside of Greece, so you will not find here the crowds of tourists that you will see in other parts of the country. However, it is a place worthy to be visited and explored. Visit the area and it will reward you with a magnificent travel experience! Browse and find out more about one of the most authentic and alternative destinations in Greece. It is the perfect place to experience nature as well as great hospitality properties and Greek cuisine. Visit Peloponnese and experience real Greece.


Peloponnese Hotels

The sense of hospitality was born in Ancient Greece; for Ancient Greeks being hospitable to the foreigners was an obligation imposed by Xenios Zeus, the god of the gods. The Greek word for hospitality is philoxenia (φιλοξενία) coming from philos (φίλος = friend) and xenos (ξένος = stranger). Today, modern Greeks consider being hospitable a high value and strive to offer authentic hospitality to the guests of their hotels.

In Peloponnese, you will find both luxury hotels and small pensions offering genuine “philoxenia” to the visitors of Greece. Browse the pages of Peloponnese Tour and discover our handpicked suggestions for each part of the amazing peninsula.


Peloponnese Restaurants

The extremely diverse landscape of Peloponnese produces a huge variety of goods of high quality. Dry products in the southern rocked Mani, juicy goods in the fertile central areas. The quality of the local ingredients is the main asset of the restaurants of Peloponnese. Every single spot of this peninsula hides small tavernas or fancy restaurants with delicious culinary creations, based mainly on the rich gastronomic tradition of Greece.