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Mosaic Art Greece

Mosaic Art Greece

Mosaic Art Greece is all about creating art from the scratch, using nothing but natural materials. A Canadian born mosaic artist, living in Sparta, Greece for the last 20 years and getting an abundance of inspiration from the rich surrounding has created this fancy workshop studio. Pebble mosaics for the courtyard, unique contemporary mosaic art and jewelry.

You can take one-day mosaic workshops while in Peloponnese and therefore take a little piece of this trip with you in your return home. You can have at your disposal sea pebbles and tiny pieces of almost anything it can be found in nature, like shells and mineral metals, rocks and glass, broken slate and so much more.

With Mosaic Art Greece you have the opportunity to create your personal piece of art with your own personal touch while you will have the pleasure to watch it takes a form right in front of your eyes by your own hands.  Use your imagination and taste to make unique artworks, that could decorate your house. It will be great to see what you have made standing in a corner or hanging on your wall!

Practice your skills in handmade art and feel confident and capable of forming simple materials into singular and incomparable items. Mosaic art is an art very popular in Greece and in ancient times people, often, even had their paths and alleys in front of their houses covered in a mosaic to make them colorful and beautiful.

Try something extraordinary to your next trip to Peloponnese and give yourself and your children the joy to feel like a famous artist! The team of Mosaic Art Greece is always willing and prepared to help you through with this new experience and will be your guide all the way to your journey in Greece’s history. Let it be mosaic art!





Xirokampi, Sparti, Lakonia


36.9593051, 22.4522074





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