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Achaia is one of the most interesting regions of the Peloponnese. Located in the north-western part of the peninsula, Achaia derived its name from the Achaeans, one of the four major tribes of Ancient Greece. In Achaia you will find Patras, one of the biggest cities in Greece, Aegio and various smaller towns and villages. One of the most beautiful and historic parts of the Peloponnese, Achaia, is a place of huge commercial and economic importance.

The prefecture’s capital, Patras, is the biggest city of Peloponnese, a vibrant city with intense nightlife and important educational institutes. Aegio, one of the biggest cities of Achaia, has a long history that started since the Homeric era. One may also visit Kalavryta, one of the areas of Peloponnese that suffered the highest oppression during the Nazi occupation, Vouraikos Gorge and Diakofto village, a serene beautiful settlement. Agia Lavra, the place where Greeks started their revolution against Ottoman Turks is one of the most historic parts of Achaia. Travel to Achaia and discover some of the best beaches and mountains of the Peloponnese, as well as some of the most beautiful villages and castles.

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