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Venetian castle in Koroni and famous castle on the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese was the 7th AD century and was rebuilt and expanded by the Venetians in the 13th century. Over the next centuries the city flourished, but was constantly the apple of discord between Venetians and Turks.

Pausanias mentions two versions for the name of the ancient Koroni. According to the first, Koroni named by Coronea Viotia as founded by settlers from that city. According to the second, he was named a bronze Koroni (currency with a crow signal) that was found during the construction of the walls.

Probably one of the two versions is true, but the issue is related ancient Koroni was the present Petalidi village rather than the current (and medieval) Koroni at the location where the ancient Asini was. It seems that at some point the people of ancient Koroni migrated en masse little further south and they took the name of their city.

The main entrance is formed in a large square building, where the top, in the lower, resulting in a pointed arch. At the highest point, where there was room of the gate guard formed curved bow.

At the time of the castle’s edge existed before the entrance porch, which was maintained until the Greek Revolution, with pilasters, right and left, and above the entrance embossed with the Lion of St. Mark. Immediately after he opened an interior courtyard leading to the main entrance to the imposing tower, which still exists. The area of the yard occupied by small houses of the village.

The north and the south side of the castle over the sea. On the south side there are cliffs – rocks of Resaltou- that leads to a beach. The north, where the main entrance of the castle, leading to the settlement houses that extend up to the west side



Koroni, Messinia


36.794882097045, 21.960979583849







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