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Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia beach is one of the most well-known and beautiful beaches of Greece. Located in the western side of the Peloponnese, close to Pylos, the beach that resemples with the Greek letter omega (Ω) or an Ancient Theatre, takes its name from its shape that looks like the belly of an ox (βόδι=ox, κοιλιά=belly).

Magnificent crystal clear water and white sandy beach in a unique scenery, protected by the Natura 2000 program, make Voidokilia beach the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Just above the beach and the sandy dunes, is the Castle of the Ancient Pylos, the Nestor’s Cave and the tomb of Thrasymedes, Nestor’s son. This is considered to be the area where King Nestor welcomed and hosted Telemachus, during his trip to Pylos in Homer’s Odyssey.

One of the best beaches of the Peloponnese

Dive in Voidokilia and enjoy the refreshing water or the Ionian Sea, lay in the sandy beach and absorb the revitilizing sun. Experience the serenity of a still untouched beach.

The beach may be crowded during the August, but you will not find a lot of swimmers off-season. Naturists may be in the area, but it is a huge beach so if you want to avoid them it will be easy.

Due to the fact that Voidokilia is a protected area, you will find no facilities for swimmers, so make sure that you will have all the equipment that you need with you and that after leaving the beach you will leave nothing but your footprints back.

How to reach Voidokilia

To reach Voidokilia beach by car or motocycle, you will need to drive from Pylos toward Gargaliani. Two and a half kilometers after Yialova, a small road towards Petrochori will drive you near the beach. Alternatively, you may choose to reach Divari beach and walk from there next to the sea at the coast of Yialova lagoon or walk up to the Pylos Paleokastro and reach Voidokilia from there (during the hot days of the summer make sure that you are equipped with plenty of water to drink).

Hotels near Voidokilia

Near Voidokilia you will find a lot of small accommodation properties as well as some of the most celebrated hotels in Greece. Costa Navarino is quite close to Voidokilia beach, featuring The Westin Resort Costa Navarino and The Romanos Costa Navarino, a Luxury Collection Resort.



Voidokilia, Messenia


36.963395290444, 21.66267670691







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