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Domaine Brintziki

Domaine Brintziki

Welcome to Domaine Brintziki, a boutique winery with autonomous energy and modern equipment for the production of wine of the highest quality.

The stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control and recording of information processing throughout the course of time, pneumatic presses synchronous type, the oak casks of French origin and use gravity to transport wine and grape respect and highlight the characteristics of native varieties grown in our region from the depths of time.

Domaine Brintziki located in the western Peloponnese, in the village scullery in Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games and one of the most sacred places of ancient Greece.

Family Brintziki, starting in 1994 the establishment of the winery. The vision is to create unique wines which are clearly the special characteristics of the region famous for its vineyards. The clay soils, coupled with the moisture of the rivers create an ideal microclimate.

2012 Domaine Brintziki characterized the first green winery in Greece. To characterize this contributed to the exploitation of geothermal energy, and the use of photovoltaic systems.

Geothermal covers the cooling and heating needs of tanks and spaces, while the unit of PV ensures the current needs of the winery.

Thereby Domaine Brintziki determines the ecological and environmentally friendly operation, producing organic wines tend to have a zero carbon footprint.

Indigenous varieties that thrive are Rodites the Tinaktorogos,, iMalagouzia, Fileri, Assyrtiko (white) and Avgoustiatis the Agiorgitiko (red varieties). Also cultured and cosmopolitan varieties Chardonnay, Merlot, Caperne, Refoscoparagontas wines with bold features of terroir.

Domaine Brintziki cultivates vineyards owned 120 acres applying faithfully and with love of the principles of organic agriculture for many years planted with local varieties of Greek. Also purchased grapes from other excellent local producers.




Latzio, Ancient Olympia, Ilia


37.709367748927, 21.559549047088



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