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Monastery of Panagia Kremasti

Monastery of Panagia Kremasti

The Monastery of Panagia Kremasti is located 18 km. Away from the town of Pyrgos. There can be reached by following either route the beautiful village Lanthi, whether from Lambeti, which is 8 km ..

The building of the monastery stands majestic and lofty, essentially hanging from an enormous rock at an altitude of 334 meters.

The view offered is magnificent. One can distinguish up to the forest Folois and Erymantho. Needless to mention the insurmountable awe that causes the visitor such a picture.

The construction of the monastery of Panagia Kremasti dates back to 1600, perhaps earlier, according to some fathers. Reason for building the monastery, but also to get the name “Hanging” was the discovery of the icon of Our Lady, hovering in a small cave in the rock that seems to radiate.

So one of the residents came down with a rope and took the picture. The event featured miraculous and began building the monastery. After many desecrations and destruction, the monastery managed to continue operating until today. Even now the church of the monastery is built in a cave.

Stands majestic and impresses with its volume as if suspended from the rock. 800 years ago local residents watched the night in a hole of a light rock. They hung with rope someone who found the image of the Virgin floating.

The monastery of Panagia Kremasti celebrates on 23 August. Thousands of pilgrims stay at Vespers and at the day of the feast, flock to venerate the Mother of God.

The monastery attracts thousands of pilgrims and during the whole year. From the balcony of the church the visitor will see all the beauty of the land of Elis by forest Folois and magnificence of Erymanthou.

Visitors can go to the monastery village Lanthi or from Lambeti at 8km. In both cases, the scenery is beautiful.

Today the monastery consists of 17 nuns, with the Mother Superior Nun Nymfodora Drakopoulou.



Pyrgos, Ilia


37.707446406467, 21.502065844797





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