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Monastery of Great Cave

Monastery of Great Cave

Holy Monastery of Great Cave is according to many people of Greece and one of the most impressive shrines of Orthodoxy is 10 km. away from the town of Kalavryta. The Holy Monastery of Great Cave got its name from the cave where the icon was found.

The Holy Monastery of Great Cave was built in 362 AD of the Thessalonians brothers monks Symeon and Theodore. He saw everyone individually a vision with the mandate to go from Jerusalem where they were, in Achaia and find the sacred image of Our Lady of mastic and wax, made by the Evangelist Luke.

After wandering, they met in Zachlorou region, the shepherdess Efrosini, which led them to the cave, where the Sacred Image was. With great reverence the two monks took the image out of the cave and cleaned by plants sacred space.

When burned branches from the heat was shaken violently dragon to the exit of the cave, which was killed by lightning. Souvenirs of this miracle are the representations while, saved until last, the bones of the dragon.

The area began to flock pilgrims built cells and slowly the monastery flourished and was a beacon of Orthodoxy and Hellenism through the centuries.

He played an important role in the revolution of 1821 and was an impregnable fortress against invaders. They know the proud, heroic response of Abbot Damascene in June 1827 to Ibrahim.

The image of Our Lady of Megalospiliotissas is work of Apostle Luke. It is believed that with the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles gave the apostle. Luke spiritual child, the ruler of Achaia Theophilus. He bequeathed to his offspring. During the era of persecution, they hid in the cave. When they died or were killed for Christ, he remained in the cave until it was discovered in a remarkable way from St. Euphrosyne.



Kalavryta, Achaia


38.09002497853, 22.174373715536





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