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The fortress in the sea, which became known by the Turkish name Bourtzi, that tower is the city of Nafplion trademark. Initially in this island, located in the middle of the city’s port, there was a Byzantine church dedicated to St. Theodore.

The Venetians realizing its strategic location to protect the harbor, built around 1473, on this rocky island, a tower. Italy architect Antonio Gambello, who had undertaken the construction of the Castle of Toroni, designed the fort, which was completed by the engineer Mprankaleone.

The design of the fort is attached to an elongated shape of the islet. The center of the fortress occupies a tower in the shape of an irregular hexagon, with shaded cannons to either side of the lower level.

Internally the tower is three storeys and communication between floors was by ladders for safety reasons. Tin need water covered a large circular tank that was located in the tower basement.

The entrances to the north and south. Northeast had formed small bay, for safer access to the fortress. Among the epithalassiou fortress and the breakwater was narrow passage closed with chain, for the security of the port from enemy ships.

The fort bears several modifications and repairs carried out at different times. The Turks surrounded the Bourtzi with the so porporela, ie underwater barrage of stones, so as not to allow large ships to dock.

Him 18th century, the Venetians made additions to Bourtzi. Raised the central tower and almost the entire island was covered with fortifications.

During the Greek Revolution, the Bourtzi was known as Kasteli or Thalassopyrgos. Here he found refuge in 1826, for a short time, the Greek government when the rebellious nation was in a civil war.

The Bourtzi served as a fortress until 1865. After previous was the residence of the executioners who were making the executions of death row of Palamidi prison.



Nafplion, Argolis


37.569713612539, 22.790532553336







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