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The Archangels Monastery

The Archangels Monastery

The Archangels Monastery is one hundred meters left of the old national highway leading from Ligourio in Corinth, in the village of Dimena municipality Epidaurus.

This monastery is situated beneath the imposing mass of Mount Arachnaio, which is the natural border between Argolis and Corinth. Very close to the road an artistic circular shrine, with a tiled roof, notifies the passerby on the existence of Archangels Monastery.

The monastery was built around the mid 15th century by a team of monks who came down from the mountain monastery Kalami. From the temple and the original buildings of the monastery does not seem to exist today, only part of those who relied on the first renovation of the monastery 1593.

It seems that the original buildings were made of base materials not survived time and weather conditions, since no mention of an earthquake or other destructive energy. Lifetime abbot, was appointed by the Patriarchate, the monk Damascene thanks the zeal, diligence and afford whose monastery was renovated.

The sorority took the baton and continued the life history of the monastery in the fall of 1945 with general manager monk Theoklitos Samiotis. In November 1949 he took igoumeneia the Christonymfi Panayotopoulos until May 2006 that died.

The old church of Archangels Monastery was demolished in the year 1945 and in its place was built the present church in the care of female brotherhood of the monastery. The new temple, compact style is Byzantine cruciform with a dome.

Later to save space, added to the original building is a narrow oblong vestibule, which removes the edifice even more than the Byzantine models. However, the present church of the Archangels is very nicely decorated and ideal for the daily prayers of the monks and accommodation of visitors.

Opposite the church, on the west side, formerly the main entrance of the monastery, which today has shifted to the southeast edge of the rectangular building of the monastery. Exomonastiriako remarkable building is the cemetery of the monastery. This is also compact and is dedicated to St. George.

The monastery accepts all these years the endless stream of pilgrims. Hosts conferences and seminars, trippers, pilgrims, members of the scientific and religious associations and continues to be an attraction and benchmark abbess Makaria Mastrogianni.



Epidaurus, Corinth


37.674465229201, 23.082852144144





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